Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 15 month birthday!

Addison is 15 months old time flies! She is a lot of fun, has a great personality and is learning so much everyday. Here are some things Addison is doing right now:

*Addison is walking more than crawling!

*Addison LOVES Mickey Mouse and says, "Mi, Mau" cute!

*Addison is our little carnivore (likes meat)...her favorite right now...HOT DOGS!

*Addison is fascinated with buttons and switches...she opens the garage door for mommy every morning and helps turn the lights on and off for us too!

*Addison loves t.v. (Baby awaiting the release of Einstein Pals...she will love it!)

*Addison loves books...give it to her upside down, backwards, or sideways...she knows it's wrong and will turn the book the way it should be read and flip the pages like a big girl!

*Addison loves the "Wheels on the Bus."

*Addison loves to put mega blocks together and is starting to work on big knob puzzles (I point where pieces go and she puts them in).

*Addison loves the anticipation of daddy getting home from work...she gets really excited when he comes down the hallway from the garage to greet her!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Giving kisses!

Addison giving mommy kisses!

Reading and having fun with Mommy and Daddy

Laughing at Baby Einstein
Talking to Baby Einstein
Looking at Daddy

Helping mommy with laundry

Silly girl!

Looking in the mirror of a book!

Love to read!
Love my mommy!

Addison's new toothbrush

A few weeks ago Addison got a new toothbrush. She looks like she loves it...not so much. I have to still brush her teeth using the infant finger brush. She loves to talk with her toothbrush and do it herself without the's more of toy than a tool!

Finally...internet fixed! New pics!

Addison loves her Baby Einstein videos and knows exactly what the remote control does!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Internet Issues

I've been having some internet issues lately, that's why I haven't posted in awhile. Doug has the upstairs computer working for now! In the next few days I hope to have a few new posts up with pictures of Addison...what else!?! :)


Friday, April 10, 2009

First Trip to Chuck E. Cheese

We took Addison to Chuck E. Cheese last weekend. She was very unsure about the mouse! She didn't have much expression on any of the little toddler rides. Addison is still a little young for Chuck E. Cheese, but overall I think she had a great time being out!