Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Addison's Physical!

Addison had her physical for kindergarten yesterday. They checked her height (36 1/2 inches), weight (36 lbs.), blood pressure (85/52 I think). They pricked her finger and she had to pee in a cup for the first time. She had to get 3 shots in her legs...she didn't cry!!! We are proud of her big girl! Since she didn't cry, she got to put her hand print on the wall of the doctor's office :)

June 2013: Summer Fun!

We've been enjoying our summer so far...zoo, swimming, playground, picnic dinners and sprinklers!


June 2013: Feeding birds at the zoo!

We visited the zoo and fed the birds...the kids really enjoyed it!


May 2013: Sprinkler Fun!

Sprinkler Fun!


May 2013: Puzzle boy!

Our puzzle boy!


May 2013: Mohawk!

Brandon sporting a mohawk :) I love it!

April 2013: Stingray Bay birthday party

Addison feeding the stingray a fish!

Brandon fed the stingray too!

March 2013: Happy Easter!

Ready for church!

We colored Kool Aid eggs this year!

They hunted for Playdoh this year in the house because it was a rainy day!

March 2013: Dress up time!

Addison dressed up Brandon :)

My cute little "girl!"

Sweet and Sassy birthday party

Our princess!

March 2013: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

February 2013: Painting and more!

Addison made a princess doll with daddy!

Being a cutie!

Finger painting

Finger painting

Brandon's masterpiece

Addison's masterpiece

"Caught" playing together :)

February 2013: Boosterthon Fun Run!

 I would like to thank everyone for donating to the Boosterthon Fun Run! Addison ran 33 laps :)

Addison said she was!

February 2013: Daddy/Daughter Valentine's Dance

 Addison had a daddy/daughter dance at school!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Addison is 5 years old!

Our sweet girl is 5 years old! It's hard to believe our 3 pound miracle is now 34 pounds! She is smart, energetic, funny, and a hot mess :) We love her SO much!