Thursday, December 16, 2010

Festive Wear Day at Bon Lin Elementary

I dressed up like a Christmas tree for our "Festive Wear" day at school today! We had a lot of fun with it! Sorry it's so blurry! This is a cell phone picture!

Brandon: 6 months old

Brandon is 6 months old today! He is the sweetest baby boy ever! He is 26.5 inches long (75-90%ile) and weighs 15 lbs. 14 oz.(50%ile). He is rolling over both ways. He scoots and moves a lot. He can sit with support. He is eating cereal, fruits, and vegetables like a big boy. He is very vocal already (just like big sister)! He babbles and screeches all of the time. He is teething and drooling big time...waiting on those teeth!

My pretty girl!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Echo is 1 year old!

Now: Echo is 1...big puppy!

Then: Lil Puppy

"Oh Christmas Tree..."

Our Christmas tree!

Addison's little section of the tree...she couldn't reach any higher! :)

Addison's new nativity scene!

My winter baby!

Close up of Addison's part of the tree!

Working hard!

Loving the ornaments!

So excited about unwrapping the ornaments!

Little Santa gal!

Christmas Pictures 2010

Random pics of my babies!

Cute boy!

Brandon giggling at Addison!


Giggles with Daddy!

Wearing mommy's shoes!

Pretending to tie!

Love those cheeks!

Addison teaching Brandon how to play!

Thanksgiving 2010

Addison cooking eggs she didn't eat! LOL

Sister helping Brandon open presents from grandma and grandpa Sniady!

"This is so cool," she says!

Dressing up...wearing 2 skirts...silly girl!

Grandpa teaching Addison how to golf!

5 months old: November 16, 2010

My sweet boy turned 5 months on November 16th...time is flying! He is the happiest baby...he smiles and is very vocal. He is doing well holding his head up...he is very strong during tummy time.

LOVE that face!!!