Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bowling Birthday Party

Addison was invited to a bowling party this past weekend...she had a fun time! It took her about 4-5 frames to calm down about having to take turns. She warmed up the idea and had fun with the other kids. Enjoy the pictures!

Giant "chockit cake" as Addison says.


"Look Daddy!"

I did good Mommy!

Flirting with boys :) They like helping me!

So much fun!


Bowling is a lot of fun!

Mommy helping Addison

Mother's Day Rose

I received a Mother's Day rose at church and uh oh....ECHO tore it up! Addison said, "Oh no, what happened?" I told her that it was ok and Echo broke it! She tried her hardest to fix it...such a good girl!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cooking with mommy!

Addison decided to make some muffins with mommy while daddy took pictures. She had a great time! Here are the pictures:

Cleaning the bowl out!

The batter is yummy!

About to stir the batter

Taste testing the batter

More batter!

Watching mommy!

Helping mommy stir!

Addison's wounds!

Addison slid down the slide and her face hit the ground...that's how she got the scraped nose! A couple days later she pulled the highchair on top of herself and got her 1st black eye...poor girl!